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I saw this and it broke my heart.. 

I don’t really have words for this. This hurt to the core of my being.

My heart just sank.

This makes me so sad.

it took me two reads to understand this and then I burst into tears.

…Why do people suck?

What the fuck …..
It took me two seconds to understand this. I will never not reblog this. Everyone should do the same.

… This makes me want to turn into an angry amazon and cut off some penises. Wouldn’t accomplish anything, I’m aware. But it would make me feel like some stupid people might not reproduce.

I saw a post about mothers crying that had over six million notes. Why the fuck doesn’t this have just as many? One of my best friends was raped. He told her that she was gay because she hadn’t had a guy fuck her properly. There’s no excuse for rape, and there’s no excuse for people who say this shit about/to rape victims.
I may be a guy, but I’m a feminist. Feminism isn’t just about supporting women. It’s about supporting equality — no matter what race, religion, sexuality, or gender you are. No woman should be talked down to like this. But the saddest thing about rape? It’s never seen as a tragedy to the general public. There’s always some sort of justification for rape, and it’s sickening.
And I know I include rape in my role plays, but I do it because I don’t romanticize it. I know what rape is. It’s a filthy, disgusting, power-hungry thing. It’s not sexy. It never has been, and it never will be.
So fuck anyone who supports rape, and fuck anyone who made a comment like this to any man or woman. No one should be thankful for this shit. No one.

It disgusts me that this has even been said, and that this doesn’t have more notes.

Why the fuck would you tell that to someone? 

Welcome to the life of a Fat Chick. Who would rape one of us, right? We should be lucky to get some action, fat cows that we are. One more subgroup (cf gay males, straight males, trans* individuals) that under-reports rapes because of additional stigmas on top of the violation they’ve suffered.

I literally feel sick. What the hell is wrong with the world that this even happens? What the hell are those people thinking?!

What the fuck is wrong with the universe? Reblog forever.
I need feminism because this is a belief I have internalized.

Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.





I hate shit like this,not risking anything. I love you mom.

damn it i had to

dont do this to me PEOPLE

fucking fuck

“Hey… is this world even worth protecting?What have I been fighting for all this time?Answer me, right now, or I’ll…”